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March 2, 2012 / Claudia

Travels: Some things that happened in Amsterdam

As our first holiday together, and a little trip for my birthday (to turn the grand old age of 26), the lovely Mr B and I booked a trip to Amsterdam. We packed a lot in to a short time, but I just wanted to record a few things that happened that I didn’t want to forget…

  1. We got disorientated and wandered around for 20 minutes to a destination we would later find out was around the corner from our hotel.
  2. We had cheese for dessert on our first night and it came with its very own cheese guillotine.
  3. We saw a cat become disgruntled in the Kattenkabinet and knocked a cat sculpture on the floor.
  4. I got hilariously drunk.
  5. We saw some inspiring and emotional embroidery at the Verzetsmuseum. 
  6. We learnt that Vincent Van Gogh was an incredibly talented and complicated man at the Van Gogh museum.
  7. I found rubber stamps at an adorable shop in the Neugen Straatjes.
  8. We had pancakes. Twice.
  9. We spent a long time looking for waffles before realising that they are a Belgian speciality.
  10. Mr B planned an exceptional birthday for me. 

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