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January 1, 2013 / Claudia

A Handmade Christmas

So, for a whole range of reasons, I haven’t really celebrated Christmas for the last 5 years. It just hasn’t felt right: empty, lonely, pointless.

This year is different. I did Christmas. I was in the UK with Mr B and his family, whilst my tiny family was in Lapland(!). But really, Mr B is family to me. We’ve lived together for 6 months now, and we celebrated Christmas throughout December.

Part of our Christmas celebrations involved making gifts by hand for our friends and family. This saved a huge amount of money overall, as so much of the ingredients and supplies we had in our store cupboard and craft boxes so we were able to put things together pretty speedily.

We made Caramelised Red Onion Chutney and put it in gift packs with crackers and Black Bomber incredibly mature cheddar.


We made Hazelnut and Chocolate Biscotti to add a little sweetness to our Christmas Hampers.

I made a very special little lady a Fabric Book which she enjoys chomping on and dribbling over.

For my Secret Santa at work, I put together a Make Your Own Coin Purse Kit for a colleague who wants to sew but doesn’t know where to start.

For Mr B, I made the Centre Square for a Dalek Blanket with a promise to complete the rest of it over the course of the year.

To cover it all up, we made some wrapping paper, with stamps and sticky tape to use up the roll of brown paper we acquired during our house move.

This is actually just a selection of things that were made during the Christmas period. There was also homemade chocolates and mince pies, lavender and camomile cushions, a drawstring bag to hold Carcasonne pieces, a knitted hat and neckerchief, but I think that’s probably enough of a photofest!

Now on to 2013, with ambitions to make some of my own clothes, by knitting and sewing, and maybe learn a new craft. Quite keen on the idea of working with wood…


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